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Danny Cash of Danny Cash, Unlimited (Englewood, CO): Hot Sauce Labels


Danny Cash of Danny Cash, Unlimited (Englewood, CO)

Danny Cash (pictured in the photo at right in the bottom-righthand corner) loves hot sauce. He goes through an entire bottle every few days. So several years ago he started experimenting with his own hot sauce recipes. He never expected it to turn into a business; it was really just a hobby and a way to save a bit of money. That is until a restaurant started demanding his hot sauce.

Every Friday Danny and his father had breakfast at Davies Chuck Wagon Diner, a local dining institution dating back to the 1950’s. Being a regular he got to know many of the staff and he asked them to save their old Tabasco bottles so he could use them to bottle his own creations. In return he gave them a few free bottles. Soon diner regulars were demanding this new hot sauce, so almost reluctantly, Danny Cash Unlimited began doing business.

That was in March 2002. The biggest immediate challenge was where to make his hot sauce. He needed a commercial kitchen, but being a start-up business, he couldn’t really afford one. So he turned to his local church. He was able to get the church kitchen licensed as commercial, and for the next two years he made hot sauce in the church in a 40 gallon kettle that had to be wheeled in from the shed outside.

Two years later he moved into a rented space and built a commercial kitchen where they remain today. The business has grown substantially since the early days and now they are the largest hot sauce company in Colorado. You can buy various flavors of their hot sauce online and in grocery stores in Colorado (editor’s note: the garlic serrano hot sauce is fantastic), but the majority of their business comes from private label hot sauces they do for restaurants.

Early on, Danny knew he needed to deal with a label printer that handled short run labels. The key to his business was being able to supply his private label hot sauce in small quantities. Before calling Lightning Labels he contacted another local label company that had only traditional flexographic printing. He rejected that idea – in his words, "we would have been out of business if we had to pay for plates." He knew he had to go digital so he contacted Lightning Labels. He loves the fast turnaround and the fact that he can gang-run a dozen or more orders of just 100 or 200 labels each and get great pricing.

To call Danny Cash Unlimited a family business is an understatement. The staff includes Danny, his brother and sister-in-law, both his parents as well as a cousin. It is a business built on family, community, and the support of a local restaurant. Of course, if you visit Davies Chuck Wagon Diner today you will find hot sauce from Danny Cash Unlimited on your table, although it will no longer be in old Tabasco bottles.

(Peter Renton)