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Product Labeling Materials Just In


Among the product labeling materials just in are Biostone, Recycled Kraft, Recycled Vellum, Satin Cloth, and Squeezable Film. Characteristics of each of these product labeling materials, such as Biostone labels, are listed below.

Custom Labels or Sticker Paper Choices

Our customers asked, and we answered!

Lightning Labels now stocks more choices for custom labels or sticker paper materials than ever. We’re sure you’ll find a labeling material that meets your needs.


  • Made from stone, not trees
  • Fully biodegradable and compostable
  • Strong and durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Excellent ink adhesion properties

Recycled Kraft

  • Recycled from 100% post-consumer waste
  • Earthy, organic look and feel
  • Suitable for machine application

Recycled Vellum

  • Elegant, white vellum material
  • Recycled from 100% post-consumer waste
  • Removable in hot water
  • Suitable for machine application

Satin Cloth

  • Woven satin acetate cloth gives this material a gorgeous, bright sheen
  • Ideal for wine and beverage labels
  • Suitable for machine application

Squeezable Film

  • White 3 mil film
  • Ideal for squeezable product containers
  • Popular choice for bath and body products

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