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Yale Researchers: Nutrition Keys Overwhelm Consumers with Information


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Yale Researchers: Nutrition Keys Overwhelm Consumers with Information

Yale experts recently released a report that found several holes in the food industry's front-of-package nutrition labeling initiative. The report claims that, although the labeling effort, called "Nutrition Keys," seems to be a positive move, it may not actually be that helpful to consumers. Rather than assisting them, it instead makes healthy eating more complex by offering too much information and too many symbols, Health Canal reported.

The study claims the Nutrition Keys may pre-empt the Food and Drug Administration's labeling plan, which is slated to roll out this fall. The food industry first announced its initiative at the start of the year, a move that may have been in an effort to "lock in a system that would change food choices as little as possible," the source noted.

"Industry leaders who profess to be responsible partners in preventing and controlling the obesity epidemic have an opportunity now to reject this noncollaborative, premature approach and show good faith by awaiting the Institute of Medicine report and endorsing the best evidence-based approach to front-of-package labeling," say the authors of the Yale study, Kelly Brownell and Jeffrey Koplan.

A variety of efforts have been introduced recently to help Americans eat healthier. The government recently launched its MyPlate initiative, a new take on the traditional Food Pyramid.