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Women's Undergarment Package Smells Fresh


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Women's Undergarment Package Smells Fresh

Transparent Packaging, a supplier to numerous Fortune 500 companies, including L'oreal, Elizabeth Arden and SC Johnson, recently produced a Fresh Cotton scented package.

Compression apparel marketer QSD wanted a new type of package that would support the maternity and post-maternity demand for undergarments that would capture a memorable and unique product experience in the women's lingerie market.

In its latest release of packaging news, Transparent came up with a hexagon-shaped folding carton that uses acetate material and contains a scent withheld inside the package for QSD.

"Having a nice fragrance associated with our product packaging really sets us apart," said Carine Villeneuve, Marketing Manager for QSD.

The outside of the package also has a scent that becomes emitted when a consumer handles the product. The aroma of Fresh cotton was chosen so the potential buyer associates the product with fresh linens and comfortable home feelings.

Transparent has more than 60 fragrances available for its packages. Its other endeavors include a scented plastic carton for hair care products, perfumes and promotional packages. Some of the staff at Transparent even have strawberry-scented business cards.