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Women's Energy Drink 'Flirts' With New Packaging


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Women's Energy Drink 'Flirts' With New Packaging

Flirt Energy Drink Gets Packaging Overhaul

Flirt, an energy drink designed as a healthier alternative to typical energy drinks for women, recently underwent a packaging change. The drink has zero calories, zero carbs and no sugar or preservatives and now has new packaging that will parallel its mentality.

The drink will be enclosed in a redesigned Rexam 12-ounce Sleek can with more enhanced graphics and a vibrant pink color that will help the company stand out against the competition on store shelves. The company chose the can for its sustainability and shape, lending to the functionality of the energy drink. The product is available at select retailers across the East Coast.

"Flirt is far superior to typical products in the isotonic category in that it delivers the perfect punch of an energy drink but without the negative side effects of harsh stimulants," said Heather Pingrey, CEO, Goddess Energy. "Flirt goes beyond being an effective and needed energy drink for females; it embodies the concept of empowering women. Through our partnership with Rexam, we are able to bring it to market in a great-looking package that will attract everyone's attention."

Sprout Foods Improves Packaging
Flirt is not the only company with packaging news, as Sprout Foods recently announced new toddler puree snacks and more convenient packaging.

The Sprout Foods' product line now includes acai, raspberry, blueberry and blackcurrant, in BPA-free, eco-friendly packaging with a choke-free, twist-off cap.