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Women Purchase Eco-Friendly Packages More Than Men


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Women Purchase Eco-Friendly Packages More Than Men

Sustainable packaging has recently claimed its spot in the limelight, with more companies turning to eco-friendly options and initiatives. For example, Coca-Cola has rolled out plant-based bottles, termed the "PlantBottle," for its Odwalla and Dasani products. The Dasani bottle uses a PET plastic made of 30-percent plant-based material while the Odwalla bottle is 100-percent plant-based, The Associated Press reported.

These efforts have been mirrored across several verticals as more companies look to lower their carbon footprint and appease consumers. Accordingly, Thomson Reuter's World IP Today report recently revealed that women are more likely to purchase an environmentally friendly package by 14 percent, Environmental Leader noted. Men, on the other hand, will choose a product based on its convenience.

Although female consumers are more apt to purchase "green" packaging, it can often be difficult to determine which products actually fall into this category. Currently, there is little standardization in terms of eco-labeling. However, this could change in the upcoming months as the Federal Trade Commission plans to issue new standards as well as the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and the European Organization for Packaging and the Environment.