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WindMade Labels Pick Up Steam


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WindMade Labels Pick Up Steam

More companies are beginning to use the WindMade label, which denotes that they were made using wind energy, on their products.

Any organization that uses a minimum of 25 percent of wind power in the production of its goods can include the WindMade logo on its labels. Companies can sign up on a global, regional or facility level, and have demonstrated the procurement of wind power, Energy Efficiency News reports.

Several of the world's largest corporations, including Motorola Mobility, Deutsche Bank, PwC DK and Bloomberg, have begun using the consumer label. The WindMade label was originally launched back in January and gained widespread support among several environmental organizations, such as the World Wildlife Fund.

"Consumers are ready to act … 67 percent of 31,000 customers globally have told us they would favor WindMade products," Morten Albaek of turbine manufacture Vestas told the news source.

The American Wind Energy Association recently recognized Vestas for the creation of the WindMade program, which is a first in the wind power industry.