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Wholesome Whole Foods Labels Buoy Green Awareness


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Wholesome Whole Foods Labels Buoy Green Awareness

Cleaning products have drawn the ire of consumes as of late because of the lack of transparency on product labels.

Contrary to the belief of many consumers, the U.S. government doesn't mandate the full disclosure of ingredients on all household cleaning product labels. Whole Food Markets got ahead of the curve by deploying its own Eco-Scale rating system, which assesses cleaning products by a set of standards and then labels them with red, orange, yellow and green tags based on environmental friendliness.

"We launched Eco-Scale to help shoppers make smarter, greener choices for their families and the planet and provide a way to know exactly what ingredients are in their household cleaning products," said Jim Speirs, global vice president of procurement for Whole Foods Market.

More than 90 percent of the household cleaning supplies meet Whole Foods' green labeling standards, which is the highest ranking brands can achieve.

A recent report from the Silent Spring Institute suggested a number of cleaners contained allergens and other agents that could give consumers headaches and other illnesses.