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WHO Announces Cellphones Linked to Brain Cancer


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WHO Announces Cellphones Linked to Brain Cancer

The World Health Organization recently announced that cellphone radio frequencies may increase the risk of certain types of brain cancer. In an effort to inform consumers about the potential risk, some are calling for stickers on mobile devices that warn of RF emissions.

WHO's announcement informed consumers that cellphones were not a direct cause of cancer, but rather may be connected to it, classifying radio frequency electromagnetic fields as a "group 2B" possible human carcinogen, which is the same category as carpentry, chloroform and even coffee, CNN reported.

Last year, San Francisco made a citywide effort to slap stickers warning consumers about RF emissions on cellphones. The policy was slated to go into effect in February but was delayed until May and then June. Most recently, the start date has been postponed indefinitely due to concern over a lawsuit with the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association. The city was also worried about the accuracy of the stickers, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.