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Whiskey Maker Promotes Transparency with New Label | Lightning Labels


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Whiskey Maker Promotes Transparency with New Label

Templeton Rye Not From Iowa, Contrary to Product Labels Companies often leverage regional pride with their product labels as a means to sell their goods to local consumers. It is not unusual to see manufacturers listing the place in which products were made.

Templeton Rye is one of the companies that capitalizes on the fact that it was originally made in Iowa to reach local spirits enthusiasts. However, in order to promote transparency, the Iowa-based company will be disclosing the location where the whiskey is distilled - Indiana - on product labels moving forward, the Iowa City Press Citizen reported.

"Currently there is some confusion. So all that confusion is going to be cleared up," said Templeton Rye chairman Vern Underwood. "If it implies that the rye whiskey is made in Templeton, then that should be changed. Anything that is misleading should be changed."

Transparency Should be the First Thought with Product Labels It is no secret that people like to support local companies, and they rely on accurate labels to know they're actually doing so. Companies should aim to be as transparent as they can when utilizing location-based claims to preserve their credibility among customers.