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Wheat Farmers Support Modifying Labels of GM Foods


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Wheat Farmers Support Modifying Labels of GM Foods

Wheat farmers based out of the state of Washington are throwing their support behind a new proposal that would require genetically modified foods to have special labels.

On a national level, such legislation has been put into motion before, but never passed. States have also rejected similar proposals. Still, this latest effort, which stems from a partnership between local farmers and "foodies," has garnered a lot of support. Wheat in particular is a big export in Washington, so the encroachment of modified foods represents a serious threat.

"If we do nothing, we will be destroyed," Tom Stahl, a fourth-generation farmer in the small town of Waterville, Washington, told Fox News. "We will lose our markets and that will be devastating for the eastern Washington economy."

Dozens of supporters appeared at recent event where chairmen said such a bill may put the state at odds with federal law.

The wheat market has been particularly profitable for American farmers this year, as many traditional sources have had poor harvests due to unfortunate weather conditions.