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What Color is That?


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What Color is That?


Adam Dewitz, the managing editor over at the PrintCEO blog had an interesting post earlier this week. He reported on research done by Dolores Labs where they showed thousands of random color samples to people and asked them to describe the color they saw. They then mapped these colors on to a color wheel that you see above. 

This research is most interesting when viewed through the little application they created. Here you can really get an insight into the different ways people describe color. For example, type in a color such as "turquoise" and look at all the different colors you get back. There is a large variety of colors that different people describe as turquoise.

Now anyone in the printing business knows that people describe color in different ways. Your red might be someone else's maroon, but the research done here really hammered home to me the very different ways people will describe color. It is a good reminder for us all, both print buyers and printers. We can't assume when someone says turquoise that we all are on the same page.

The great thing about digital printing is that we can produce a press proof, so our customers will see exactly what colors are going to print. This way we can deal with these different expectations before the job is run.