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Weetabix Packaging Unwrapped


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Weetabix Packaging Unwrapped

Weetabix Changes Inner Packaging

Weetabix, a U.K.-based food processing company, recently changed its packaging to keep products fresher in response to consumer demands.

New paper inside the company's boxes tears evenly, ensuring the biscuits do not crumble and break. The paper can be folded back into place, helping to increase the quality of the product after the packaging is opened. The wrapper is also coated with polyethylene, which will protect the biscuits from exposure to moisture in the air, also extending the shelf life of the product.

"The team has invested an incredible amount of time and resource in developing the new inner paper wrap so we're delighted to have such a great result to share," said Francesca Davies, marketing manager at Weetabix. "The wrap is not only easier to open and close, but it also helps minimize crumbs from falling onto the kitchen counter. We hope this will make breakfast time that little bit easier for families across the country."

According to the Weetabix Facebook page, more than 85 percent of the more than 1,200 respondents gave the new packaging positive feedback.

Compostable Bread Packaging
Weetabix's new inner paper addition is not the only recent packaging innovation. A packaging design firm recently developed an eco-friendly bread box that can store a quarter portion of a loaf of bread in order to maintain its freshness for a longer period of time. The packaging, derived from wood, can be composted within a few weeks.