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We are Having a Product Photo Contest


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We are Having a Product Photo Contest


The latest issue of our newsletter, The Lightning Flash, came out this week. In it we announced a new contest we are having here at Lightning Labels. It is a product photo contest, where you send us the photos of your products and the best photos will win prizes. All the details of the contest are here.

The photo above is an example of the kind of photo you can enter. This photo is from Natural Sundae, a new natural products company in Florida. They went to quite a bit of trouble for this beautiful photo, they bought some props and hired a friend who is a professional photographer. Now, you don't have to go to these lengths to enter our contest - a simple but attractive product photo will have just as much chance of winning.

Taking a good product photo is a very important part of promoting your products, and we want to find the very best product photos out there. So go ahead and send in photos of your products. The winners will be announced on this blog and in the next issue of the Lightning Flash.