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Washington Fish Processor Receives Prison Sentence for False Labeling


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Washington Fish Processor Receives Prison Sentence for False Labeling

A Canadian man living in Washington was recently sentenced to a year in prison for falsely labeling salmon from his processing plant. The man, Douglas Jay, purposely instructed his employees to label Coho, a less valuable Silver salmon, as Chinook, or King salmon, enabling him to sell the product at a higher price, the website KiroTV reported.

According to reports filed by the Department of Justice in regards to the case, between May 2005 and mid-2007, he filled approximately 125 orders for Chinook salmon with lower priced Coho salmon, which are also of lower-quality. This move resulted in 160,072 pounds of fish, a figure estimated to cost roughly more than $1.3 million at market value, that was purposely falsely labeled and placed into interstate and foreign commerce within a two-year period, the source explains.

Jay's company, D Jay Enterprises, has since gone out of business. He now operates Premiere Packing, another fish processing company within Washington.

On September 2, he pleaded guilty to falsely labeling fish that was sold into interstate and foreign commerce. In addition to his year in prison, he was also sentenced to two years under supervision and a $347,202 payment of community service to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Foundation.