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Warning Labels for Artificially Colored Foods Shot Down by FDA


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Warning Labels for Artificially Colored Foods Shot Down by FDA

The Food and Drug Administration has rejected a label that would have warned consumers of the ability of artificial food coloring to increase hyperactivity in children. The warning labels were shot down in an 8-6 vote by an FDA advisory panel.

The panel was held after the Center for Science in the Public Interest, petitioned to have the FDA ban eight of the nine food dyes approved by the government. According to Web MD, the European Union has already placed warning labels on foods containing such dyes.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the question that the FDA sought to answer was whether or not there was proof that the dyes in foods could increase a child's hyperactivity. However, according to Michael Jacobson, executive director at the CSPI, he isn't surprised by the turnout.

"They should have asked a different question," Jacobson told The Wall Street Journal. "They should have asked, 'Are the dyes safe?' The answers would have been different to that kind of question."

The FDA claims that not enough studies have been conducted yet to determine how food dye impacts hyperactivity levels in children.