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Walmart To Pare Down Carbon Footprint By Reducing Packaging


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Walmart To Pare Down Carbon Footprint By Reducing Packaging

In an effort to lessen its carbon footprint, Walmart is cutting back on its packaging. The mega-retailer aims to reduce packaging by 5 percent by 2013, using 2008 as the company's baseline.

This goal falls in line with Walmart's attempt to cut back on its overall carbon footprint. However, the company is slightly behind on the mission, its most recent Global Responsibility Report revealed. The retailer has been working to reduce emissions by 20 percent by next year from its 2005 baseline, but by 2009 – the most recent year data was made available – it had only cut greenhouse gas emissions by 10.6 percent, Environmental Leader reported.

One goal the company planned on meeting by 2007 that still remains unmet was to eliminate the use of PVC-based packaging, which is not recyclable.

"Walmart says it continues to look for but has been unable to find suitable replacements for PVC in packaging such as meat wrapping, metal can sealants and tamper-evident bands for over-the-counter medications," the source reported.

However, some of its suppliers unveiled new sustainable packaging options at the Environmental Defense Fund, Business Insider reported, many of which had done away with PVC and instead were using PET.