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Wallpaper Made Of Custom Stickers A Contemporary Art Hit


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Wallpaper Made Of Custom Stickers A Contemporary Art Hit

Firm Uses Thousands Of Custom Stickers

Usually, when one decorates their walls with custom stickers, it's probably just one, large sticker. However, one design firm has completely turned the custom sticker decoration game on its head by making entire wallpapers out of stickers.

Flat Vernacular's co-founder Payton Cosell Turner spends hours, even days, perfecting her custom sticker craft, as Co.Design reports. Her gilded, flourishing designs feature flowers, cars, candy canes, even the Empire State Building. The custom sticker revolution is in full force through her artistic creations.

Big-Ticket Clients Love Custom Stickers

Co.Design said that Turner had begun experimenting with custom stickers in her wallpaper designs shortly after earning a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She used custom stickers during her thesis year.

In an interview posted on the Flat Vernacular website, Turner said that not too long after her custom sticker wallpaper designs were launched, they started gaining some serious street credibility. In May 2011, her projects were featured in The New York Times, W Magazine and Elle Décor.

Turner even professed her dream was "covering the Guggenheim in sticker wallpaper."