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Product Labels With Exercise Instructions Help Consumers


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Walk It Off - Food Product Labels With Exercise Instructions Help Consumers

Research Shows Physical Activity Tips on Food Product Labels Lead to Healthier Choices

Recent studies have linked organic food product labels with consumers eating healthier, but what about actually motivating them to make health-conscious decisions in other aspects of life? Well, according to a recent study, labels are actually quite effective in getting consumers to go out and jog that jelly doughnut off.

Researchers from the University of North Carolina recently looked at how food labels that display exercise instructions - like the distance one would need to walk to burn off the calories or the time of physical exertion it would take to accomplish the same thing - and found consumers cut calorie intake and exercised more when such information was displayed on labels.

Consumers Prefer Custom Food Labels With Exercise Information The study, published in the journal Appetite, found 82 percent of participants said they favored menus and custom food labels that indicated what physical activity would be needed to burn off calories.

The study provided participants with one of four menu labels randomly, with one having no nutritional info, another with calorie content and two having exercise data - one measured in time and the other in miles. Researchers found that in addition to motivating consumers to exercise, participants who used the exercise labels consumed substantially fewer calories than those who didn't.