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Waitrose Hopes Consumers Love Its Love Life Packages


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Waitrose Hopes Consumers Love Its Love Life Packages

Waitrose is hoping its new packaging can achieve the trifecta of improving appeal, stressing healthiness and bolstering sales, Package Design Magazine reports.

The new package, created by design agency Pearlfisher, is expected to show that food doesn't need to be boring just because it's good for consumers. Waitrose has dubbed the new container the "Love Life You Count" package because it clearly shows how many calories the food contains.

Further, it taps uses colors to convey the different nutritious ingredients used in packaged foods.

"A magenta pink identifies foods containing beef and pork; an egg yolk orange distinguishes dishes with chicken or certain fruit lines; and a teal blue is used for fish or other natural flavors ingredients," the news source notes.

The Love Life line of packages was rolled out across Waitrose stores in January 2012.

Waitrose's new packaging comes at a time when many food brands are experimenting with color-coded packages that show how many calories various products contain.