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Vodka Brand Not Feeling Blue After Redesign


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Vodka Brand Not Feeling Blue After Redesign

Blue Ice Vodka recently redesigned its look to feature a bolder, blue logo, a move the company hopes will further illustrate the purity of the product.

When Blue Ice first launched its vodka, American distilling was still a relatively nascent practice. Over the years, the brand focused on refining its distilling process instead of spending money on aggressive ad campaigns, and the new blue textured label is expected to convey that fact to buyers.

Flowdesign was hired by Blue Ice to assist with the branding initiative. Dan Matauch, a designer at the firm, told Package Design Magazine that the new packaging was more an "evolution" than a "revolution," as it features strong colors, simpler type and targeted copy to convey quality and help it stick out on shelves.

Alcohol brands pay special attention to how they label and design their products, as they rely heavily on consumer perception to sell their goods. For example, a new beer called Chick is branded as a brew for women and features pink labels and a purse-inspired six-pack holder.