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Vitamin Labels Help Consumers Stay Healthy


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Vitamin Labels Help Consumers Stay Healthy

The majority of vitamin and dietary supplement manufacturers have nothing but the best intent. However, there are some makers that may be a bit more inconspicuous.

With many Americans looking to lead healthier lifestyles, a number have begun adding dietary supplements to their daily lives. Properly examining labels can help consumers avoid taking vitamins that may not be necessary parts of their diets, Kitsap Sun reports.

As the news source notes, supplement manufacturers can make any number of unsubstantiated claims, provided their goods don't harm consumers, and there is little the U.S. Food and Drug Administration can do about it. This is why it's crucial that consumers look at labels with a critical eye before making a purchase.

"Don't believe products that announce they are a 'breakthrough' or new discovery," the Kitsap Sun urges. "Be suspicious of vague claims like 'detoxify,' 'purity' or 'energize.' Don't trust claims that the product helps treat a wide range of symptoms."

The FDA does crackdown hard on manufacturers selling potentially dangerous supplements. Several protein manufacturers have been forced to revise their labels during the past year after their products were found to contain trace amounts of lead.