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Vintner Innovates Packaging Instead of Whining


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Vintner Innovates Packaging Instead of Whining

Competition for American Vintners is growing as America surpasses France as the world's largest wine-drinking nation, Package Design Magazine reports.

Rather than allowing its products to get lost in the shuffle and jeopardize sales, Home Team Wines has decided to innovate the traditional wine container. There are two standard ways vintners package wines: In bottles with labels or in cardboard boxes and bags. Home Team Wines recently launched a new stand-up pouch, a move the company hopes will help it to stand out between the two other options.

The challenge, says cofounder Ryan Donnolly, is not falling into the preconception that bagged wine is a low-quality product. However, he believes the new package will appeal to younger consumers.

"Millennials have a much different view of wine than other demographics," Donnolly told the news source. "They're definitely interested in new wines in different formats. They're much more willing to be experimental."

Vintners employ several tactics to help separate their goods from competitors. For example, one strategy is placing an animal on the label to help bolster customer recognition.