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Video Game Packaging Photogenic


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Video Game Packaging Photogenic

EA Sports Packaging Features SnapTags

The EA Sports NCAA Football 13 and newly released Madden NFL 13 video games will feature smart packaging to engage gamers. The packages will feature SnapTags, which allow users to access game information, demonstration videos and connectivity to EA Sports on facebook by taking a picture on their mobile phone.

"SnapTags provide EA SPORTS with an opportunity to connect with fans in a unique way," said Nicole Skogg, SpyderLynk Founder and CEO. "By simply snapping a picture of the EA branded 'Show Me More' SnapTag, fans are able to preview highlights of the new game on their mobile phones and even connect with EA SPORTS on Facebook."

Skogg added that the innovative use of the package provides a fun and easy way to get fans involved, while building brand awareness and driving sales conversions.

Smartphone users will need to download the SnapTag reader application to utilize the smart packaging.

Kids Eating Laundry Detergent Capsules, Packaging Could Be Issue
While EA is making waves with its smart packaging efforts, other companies could do more to shore up their packaging strategies. The laundry detergent packaging of Tide Pods, All Mighty Pacs and Purex UltraPacks have recently been blamed for hundreds of phone calls to poison control centers because of children ingesting the brightly colored capsules, believing them to be candy.

There have been nearly 1,400 accidental ingestions reported to poison control. The industry is responding by creating educational materials to teach safe laundry detergent use.