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Vets Ticked at Flea Product Makers


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Vets Ticked at Flea Product Makers

Veterinarians in Ohio are calling for the Environmental Protection Agency to take action against tick and flea product manufacturers, as their labels tend to be confusing.

Several vets in the region have noted flea and tick products having adverse affects on animals, ranging from losing fur after application to more serious reactions. According to a report from WEWS-TV, there have been 34,000 reported reactions from flea and tick products in the past 16 months.

The EPA has been investigating spot-on products for the past three years and has found that warning labels are hard to read, buried in text and often aren't specific. This has led consumers to apply the wrong dose to their pets or use the incorrect product.

"It's been a long time coming. We've been seeing reactions on and off with some of these products," Jon Souders, a local vet, told the news source. "We get the occasional reaction where there is hair loss, but there are reactions that are life-threatening."

The EPA has similarly been investigating pesticides after it discovered dozens of unlicensed sprays being used in New York.