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Vermont Legislature To Discuss GMO Labels


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Vermont Legislature To Discuss GMO Labels

State Tries To Succeed In Food Labels Where California Failed

Placing food labels on products with genetically modified organisms was a hot topic during the election season. California, often a trendsetter for many state initiatives and a barometer for the national political climate, recently flirted with the idea of requiring GMO labeling; however, the state's electorate failed to pass the measure.

Now another state has taken up the GMO labeling plight. Vermont has become the latest state to ponder requiring labels on GMO foods.

Second Attempt At GMO Labels
However, the recent interest in GMO labels isn't a brand-new initiative that legislature members are pressing, Vermont tried to pass one earlier this year. The most recent attempt drew more than 100 testimonies in support early this year, but did not come out of judiciary committee in time, the Rutland Herald, a local Vermont paper, reported.

That hasn't stopped Gov. Peter Shumlin, who is hopeful his administration and lawmakers can formulate legislation in time for passage by the current legislature despite previous court loses. In 1999, the state tried to mandate labels for growth hormones in dairy products, but lost a lawsuit brought against it in an appeals court.

"I would love to figure out a resolution to the GMO labeling bill without repeating what we've been through before," Shumlin said.