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Vegetarians Call For 'Veg' Food Labeling


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Vegetarians Call For 'Veg' Food Labeling

A group of vegetarians in the United Arab Emirates have called on authorities to impose "Veg" food labeling on products safe for the increasing number of vegans and vegetarians in the nation.

The Middle East Vegetarian Group, a voluntary nonprofit focus body affiliated with the International Vegetarian Union, has suggested a "Veg" symbol be placed on the labeling and is waiting on a response from UAE officials, according to the Khaleej Times.

"We certainly need to have an overseeing body for the Middle East to ensure adherence to needs of vegetarians," said Sandhya Prakash, founder and director of MEVEG, to the source.

"Some of the additives and formulations used in food products may not be suitable for vegans and a certification on the food labels will allow vegetarians to identify their choice of products without the need to read the ingredients' listing," she added.

The UK and India already practice this type of food labeling. In India, labels carrying a green dot indicate a product as vegetarian-friendly. In the UK, products carry The Vegetarian Society's "Vegetarian Society approved" symbol.