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Utah Launches Yellow Dot Program with Car Window Stickers


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Utah Launches Yellow Dot Program with Car Window Stickers

Car Window Stickers Promote Safety Across the U.S.

Salt Lake City is the latest local government to adopt the Yellow Dot program, which provides custom car stickers to participating vehicle owners. According to Utah-based news site, the program is free for city residents who wish to take precautions in case they are ever involved in a car accident.

To participate, drivers fill out an emergency medical form through Utah's Yellow Dot program website, take a photo of themselves and place the form in the vehicle's glove department. They can then place a round yellow sticker on the lower left corner of their vehicle's rear window. Doing so tells first responders that there is medical history information in the vehicle's glove department.

Utah Implements Program with Round Stickers  According the, the round stickers may reduce the number of car crash fatalities for those who participate in the program.

Ben McAdams, mayor of Salt Lake City, told the news site the program will help first responders provide better care during emergencies.

"We spend a lot of time in our cars, and no matter how safe we try to be, accidents can happen," McAdams said. "Paramedics and firefighters are called on to administer medical attention at the scene of an accident; we can help them and ourselves by using Yellow Dot. Participating in this program is an easy way to prevent a bad situation from getting worse."