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Use Custom Stickers to Sweeten Valentine's Day


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Use Custom Stickers to Sweeten Valentine's Day

Ways Custom Stickers can show your 'sticktoitiveness' on Valentine's Day

Custom Sticker Printing

Surprise the sweet one in your life with something out of the ordinary. Use custom stickers to add a bit of spice, sassiness or friendship to Valentine's Day. Your message and look are limited only by the imagination. The sticker can contain a famous quote (e.g., "How do I love thee...?"), a heartfelt personal message of friendship or love, or even a one-of-a-kind visual.

Consider putting your lips to paper. Apply lipstick or other suitable medium and press your lips on something that can be digitally printed. You can then send out Valentines to everyone you care about featuring this personalized image. Place the sticker on a card, present, or other Valentine's Day package. And, you also can create a digital version of the image to include with an e-card, post on Facebook, and the like. In this day and age of stock images, your personal "imprint" can enliven the impression you make on all recipients.

Here are additional thoughts about using custom stickers this Valentine's Day:

  1. Make the presentation more memorable than the present. Inexpensive presents that include heart-warming, fun, shiny custom stickers on the wrapping can be very well-received. Without spending a lot of money, you can buy a bunch of Valentine's Day items, adorn them with your special custom stickers, and put smiles on the faces of those who get them;
  2. Put a funny line or funny face on the present. A nondescript jar of something sweet (e.g.,  honey, preserves, or marinade) or  something salty (e.g., bath salts or other item featuring a bath and body product label) can gain some panache with the addition of a custom sticker;
  3. Make them the present. Create a variety of custom Valentine stickers featuring different graphics and content and make these a gift to one or many recipients. (These can be kind of like the candy hearts with messages on them.) Because custom stickers can be easily personalized, they offer an “old-fashioned” print standby that complements all the digital photos out there. People can place stickers on their refrigerators, put them in a scrapbook, etc. Again, uses are only limited by the imagination;
  4. Use them to decorate. Use custom stickers in addition to, or in lieu of, other Valentine's Day decorations. For a romantic touch, consider stickers with various messages mixed in with those rose petals in the boudoir.

Custom Sticker Printing is Fast and Affordable

The same technology that creates digital label printing works equally well for custom stickers. Because custom sticker printing is fast and affordable in small quantities, you can still get them done and in your hands in time for Valentine's Day.

In fact, Lightning Labels is offering a special sale for those ready to optimize their products and packaging with custom labels and stickers: Take $75 off orders of $750 or more through February 8, 2013, using code VDAY75 at checkout. Enjoy sweet savings before Valentine's Day!

With this offer the maximum discount for orders is $1,000. Free ground shipping is available on regularly priced orders shipped within the U.S. and Canada, though shipping charges apply for printed press proofs. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.