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US Seeks Less Restrictive Labeling Rules From India


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US Seeks Less Restrictive Labeling Rules From India

The United States Trade Representatives announced earlier this week that they will apply pressure to India in an effort to get the country to relax labeling standards.

Food and distilled spirits traded to the country need to include extra information on labels, such as ingredients lists and the date of production, which many alcoholic drinks don't feature. The USTR is pushing India to relax these strict regulations to make it easier for American product manufacturers to sell goods in the country, Indo Link reports.

The USTR has other objectives with the campaign as well. For example, India's Bureau of Indian Standards has additional testing orders that require some products, such as toys, to be subjected to extraneous testing before they can be sold domestically. Manufacturers have only 45 days to complete these tests, which is a strict deadline for many toy makers.

"The proposed rule also appears to establish a new registration procedure that will require foreign toy producers to provide detailed and burdensome information related to toy manufacturers," the USTR added.