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Uproot's Wine Labels Target a New Type of Wine Drinker


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Uproot's Custom Wine Labels Target a New Type of Wine Drinker

Wineries Can Benefit From Creative Custom Wine Labels A new wine company in Napa is making headlines with its custom wine labels. Rather than a traditional design that states varietal, vin​eyard location and brand, the labels simply have what the company is calling a "flavor palette," U.K. beverage industry magazine Harpers reported. Uproot's personalized wine bottles use infographic-like blocks to express the flavor profiles of each bottle of wine. The size of the block demonstrates the prominence of the flavor, while the color denotes what type of flavor it is.  For instance, the Sauvignon Blanc has a large light green block that represents melon notes and a smaller dark green segment to portray hints of fresh cut grass.

Wine Bottle Label Printing Doesn't Have to Be Dull According to design blog PSFK, Uproot came up with the idea for wine bottle label printing as a way to communicate tasting notes in a visual way. In an interview with Harpers, Jason Levy, co-founder of Uproot Wines, said the new labels target wine drinkers who are bored of traditional wine labels. The labels are aimed at a new generation of wine drinkers - to find out exactly what the graphics mean, shoppers need to look them up on printouts that are provided or find the information on the company's website.