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Unusual Warning Labels Manufacturers Place on Products


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Unusual Warning Labels Manufacturers Place on Products

Warning labels are placed on products by manufacturers in order to prevent consumers from coming to harm. "Refrigerate after opening," "Caution: Flammable" and "For external use only" are just a few examples. While warnings such as these may seem obvious to some, they protect manufacturers from being held liable.

According to MSNBC, product-liability cases can rack up some serious damages - in 2007, Jury Verdict Research estimated some $1.9 million in personal-injury claims.

"America's legal system is based on the fact that there are some things so obvious that you don't need to warn about [them]," Bob Dorigo Jones, senior fellow for the Foundation for Fair Civil Justice, told the source.

"[However,] it doesn't stop people from suing because the legal system has become a litigation lottery."

In step with this, manufacturers have produced some whacky warning labels. Some are relatively obvious, such as Nytol Sleeping Pills' label that reads, "May cause drowsiness," or the "This product may contain nuts" warning on Peanut M&Ms. But what about the warning on Apple's website, advising consumers not to eat their iPod shuffle, or the label that reads, "This product is not intended for use as a dental drill" that accompanies the DremelMultipro's rotary tools? Now that's just scary.