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Unpackit Labels Foodstuffs as Rotten


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Unpackit Labels Foodstuffs as Rotten

Packaging news often highlights new, revolutionary designs and innovations that help put companies ahead of the crowd.

Yet sometimes packaging can leave consumers and experts unhappy. Recently, New Zealand's Unpackit 2012 Worst Packaging Award was given to Foodstuffs for the company's decision to place vegetables on polystyrene meat-trays and then wrap them in plastic.

The packaging, which is unable to be recycled, was singled out for its detrimental environmental effects. Foodstuffs also "won" the Worst Packaging Award for its meat multi-packs, which separately wrap each piece of meat, place it on a tray and then put the whole thing on a bigger tray.

"Meat-trays can't be recycled in most places in New Zealand, so both the cling film and the meat-trays go straight to the landfill," said Sophie Ward of Unpackit. "The most frustrating thing is that fruit and vegetables like carrots, parsnips, courgettes, grapes and avocados don't need to be wrapped, they come with their own skins which protect them just fine. Packaging them is completely unnecessary and a waste of resources."

While the initial cost of going green may seem prohibitive to companies, the consumer accolades may help to make up for initial investments.