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Unhealthy Foods Could Get Harsh Label Treatment


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Unhealthy Foods Could Get Harsh Label Treatment

Junk Food Could Sport Graphic Labels

Do consumers really think twice upon reading the nutrition label on junk food? How about if their fast food burgers came in a bag displaying a fatty, diseased organ or the box of donuts bore the image of a diabetic amputee?

That's what a group of Canadian doctors are hoping for after unveiling a proposal to brandish junk foods with graphic labels as part of the ongoing fight against obesity.

Tactics Similar To Tobacco Labeling
The new label changes were recommended by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA), which is campaigning for changes that include increasing taxes on unhealthy foods, restricting marketing of fatty and sugary foods to children and placing graphic warning labels on high-calorie foods with no nutritional value.

The OMA said it introduced these measures as a preventative against the increasing health risk of obesity - especially childhood obesity. The disease costs the Ontario province more than $2.5 billion each year.

"We are raising a generation of children that will suffer from devastating and wholly preventable diseases," said Dr. Doug Weir, president of the OMA. "The time for gentle admonitions has come and gone. We need to fight this problem with proven tools like tax incentives and graphic warnings. There is an enormous body of evidence that these measures work."