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UK Winemakers Get Creative With Wine Bottle Labels


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UK Winemakers Get Creative With Customized Wine Bottle Labels

UK Designers Renew Customized Wine Bottle Labels

Winemakers in the United Kingdom found a new way to reinvigorate their brands - customized wine bottle labels. According to The Drinks Business, a wine industry news site, designers in the U.K. have taken on wine labels to create packaging that attracts shoppers.

Wine sales are set to rise within the country throughout 2013, according to The International Business Times. The new label designs might help winemakers boost consumer awareness about their brand and increase revenue.

Printed Wine Labels An Integral Part of Winemaker's Budgets Abigail Barlow, director of Barlow Doherty Creative, told The Drinks Business winemakers are starting to budget for printed wine labels.

"Label design has become part of people's budgets, rather than a one-off thing … it's an integral part of the trade," Barlow said. "We have seen a lot of wine labels go back to being traditional in style, because people and supermarkets feel an old-fashioned look gives reassurance, it makes the wine feel more expensive."

According to The Drinks Business, U.K. winemakers have been slow to invest in customized labels for their bottles, but it will soon pay off in higher sales.

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