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UK Chicken Packages Found to Have Contaminating Bacteria


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UK Chicken Packages Found to Have Contaminating Bacteria

Food standard officials in the UK have found that the packaging of high-risk foods can be just as dangerous as the products inside. The Birmingham Food Safety officials tested 20 packages of chicken and found that eight had food poisoning bacteria on their wrappings, seven were contaminated inside and one had salmonella.

Out of a range of convenience stores and butchers included in the study, 40 percent of chicken packages were covered in bacteria. To combat the bacteria, consumers are advised to wash their hands cook the product thoroughly.

"Tackling the high levels of campylobacter on UK chicken is the Food Standards Agency's number one priority," an FSA spokesman said to The Telegraph.

"We are currently working with the food industry to minimize the spread of this bug at all stages of the food chain, from improved hygiene in farms to better leakproof packaging in the shops. These findings reinforce our advice to avoid cross-contamination when handling and storing raw chicken even if it is still in its packaging," he added.

The FSA believes that packaging becomes contaminated during manufacturing and shipping.