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U.S. Follows International Lead With Graphic Cigarette Labels


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U.S. Follows International Lead With Graphic Cigarette Labels

Mirroring the efforts of many other countries' graphic warning labels on cigarette packaging, the FDA will roll out its own later this week to help curb smoking. The pictures will feature images including cancerous lesions, diseased lungs and rotted mouths, all intended to "shock smokers into kicking the habit," the Boston Herald reported.

"For the first time ever, they will say that tobacco products are addictive, and they will say in the bluntest of terms that tobacco can kill," FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said, the source reported. "We need to make sure that anyone who is considering smoking fully appreciates the consequences of cigarette use."

By October 2012, the labels will be required on at least 50 percent of the front and back of each cigarette package. Additionally, the images must be featured on 20 percent of every cigarette advertisement.

Similar efforts have been launched internationally, with cigarette warning labels featuring disease-ridden corpses, skeletons lighting up and other shocking images. Australia took a different route, stripping packages of their labels and logos entirely, causing an intense backlash from the tobacco industry.