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Twisting the Truth: Unclear Labels Trouble Nutrilite


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Twisting the Truth: Unclear Labels Trouble Nutrilite

Amway is facing a lawsuit from the Center for Science in the Public Interest for the allegedly misleading labels of its Nutrilite line of dietary drinks and products.

Nutrilite's Fruits and Vegetables 2Go Twist Tubes, for example, claim to have two servings of fruits and vegetables. However, upon reading the fine print on the label, it actually says they only have the antioxidant equivalent of two servings. The company's Immunity Twist Tubes are similarly flawed, suggesting the product will provide sickness immunity - a claim that is unlawful, CSPI notes.

Now, the organization is looking to take legal action unless Amway stops misrepresenting its products and revises its packaging.

"Amway is sending a horrible health message to American consumers when it holds out its Twist Tubes as a shortcut to getting the health benefits of real food," said CSPI staff litigator Seema Rattan. "People who want the health benefits of two servings of fruits and vegetables are far better off eating two servings of fruits and vegetables."

CSPI has sued a number of companies for poor marketing of unhealthy foods, including McDonald's and General Mills.