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Tuna Maker Tunes Labels


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Tuna Maker Tunes Labels

Crown Prince Seafood, a company that specializes in tuna, recently announced it would be changing the labels of its products.

For its yellowfin, albacore and tongol tunas, the new labels tout the products as being free of bisphenol A, a compound containing hormone-like properties that is frequently used in the packaging of tuna. Crown Prince Seafood will now be sold in 5-ounce cans rather than the traditional 6-ounce variety.

"Our goal has been to source BPA-free packaging for all our products for our consumers. This is more challenging than people might think," said Andrea Linton, manager of Crown Prince Seafood's natural products division. "We felt that this adjustment was well worth the trade down in size, so we made the switch."

Crown Prince Seafood also adjusted its shipping case to accommodate only 12 cans, which makes it easier for grocers to stock.

Tuna has frequently been at the center of labeling debates, not only for BPA content but also the way the fish are caught. Some Mexican fishers use dolphins to find packs of tuna, which can result in injury to the dolphin. Many American tuna companies display "dolphin-safe" labels to differentiate themselves.