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Tulsa Yard Waste Sticker Labels Go Green


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Tulsa Yard Waste Sticker Labels Go Green

New Mandate For Sticker Labels Starts February

Households across the nation are familiar with green yard waste sticker labels. Be it a bag of sticks, lawn trimmings or weeds, most U.S. residents have to tag their yard waste bags with stickers in order for local waste management services to collect it.

While Tulsa, Oklahoma, residents haven't had to worry about that recently, it's all changing February 1. That's when the city will institute a mandatory program requiring all yard waste bags to display a "Green Waste" sticker, or else waste collectors won't pick it up.

Low Adoption Of Green Custom Stickers Despite the city's requirement that all waste bags filled with organic matter bear the green custom stickers, residents haven't been keen on acquiring the stickers, which cost 50 cents each.

Eric Lee, Tulsa's solid waste manager, told Tulsa World that operators of gas stations where the stickers can be purchased are reportedly sitting on mounds of unsold green stickers.

Bags containing the organic materials and showing the green sticker must be transparent and placed outside by 6 a.m. on a normal pick-up day. Those that eschew buying the green stickers can transport their own waste to the city's facilities.