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Transparency an Area Where Many Brands Fall Short


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Transparency an Area Where Many Brands Fall Short

Custom Labels are the Perfect Assets to Disclose Vital Information Establishing a strong brand is pivotal for the success of any company. This helps businesses develop a relationships with customers and establish themselves as trustworthy industry thought leaders. Unfortunately, brands are falling short in a number of different areas, which leaves them unable to forge the tight-knit relationships with customers they desire.

A recent report from Edelman noted many of the ways in which brands are failing to reach customers' expectations, and one of the leading areas was transparency. Whereas 68 percent of respondents said open communication and transparency about how products and services are sourced and made was important to them, only 15 percent believed that brands followed through in that regard.

Using Product Labels to Bolster Transparency Although there are plenty of avenues for brands to inform customers about how their products are sourced and made, one of the best ways of doing so is right on the product label. When customers are shopping at the store, they may not have a smartphone to research this information, but if it is included on the product labels, they will not have to think twice about making purchases.