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Trans Fat Labeling Regulations Under Scrutiny


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Trans Fat Labeling Regulations Under Scrutiny

Trans Fat Loopholes for Food Labels Under current regulations, food labels are allowed to claim products have zero grams of trans fat as long as they have less than 0.6 grams or less per serving. However, people eating multiple servings of food at a time may wind up eating more trans fat than they think, which may garner attention from the Food and Drug Administration.

Legal but Misleading Food Labels One report from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene suggests that as many as 9 percent of products may still contain partially hydrogenated oils, which are the main source of manufactured trans fat. A significant portion of those products claim to have zero grams of trans fat per serving, which illustrates the problem with their labels.

"That's the biggest danger: You're going to think you're not getting any trans fat," said Dr. Junaid Khan, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, told San Francisco Gate. "The takeaway form this is not only do you have to read the label, but you have to understand serving size, and you have to know that even if it says zero trans fat it may still have trans fat."

If label laws are changed, food brands may have to come up with new labels for their products.