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Traditional vs. Online Marketing Techniques Explored in New Column for Converters


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Traditional vs. Online Marketing Techniques Explored in New Column for Converters

'eConversion' Published in Label & Narrow Web Magazine, Written by LL Staffers

I think most of you would agree with me that businesses across all industries need an online presence in order to survive in today's competitive marketplace. The narrow web industry is no exception. If you are a converter, you probably know you need to move your marketing campaigns online, but might be having trouble getting started because you don't know where to start. Perhaps you have turned to the Internet for help, but were overwhelmed by the information you found. You might have found a lot of conflicting information, and didn't know what sources to trust. You may have tempted to read information that was so technical, it might as well have been written in hieroglyphics. Frustrating! I hear you, and so does James Lowry, our General Manager here at Lightning Labels. In order to help converters bridge the gap between traditional and online marketing techniques, we have created a column for Label & Narrow Web Magazine called eConversion. James and I are excited about this fantastic opportunity to encourage our fellow converters to take their first steps into the eCommerce arena. Our online presence has been instrumental in the success Lightning Labels has enjoyed from day one. Now we would like to give a little something back to the narrow web community by sharing a few things we have learned through our adventures on the web, as well as break down new online marketing techniques for you into digestible action steps. Even if you are not a converter, but are wondering what eCommerce is all about, you still might want to check out our column. I especially encourage those customers of ours who are charged with wearing the many hats of an entrepreneurial small business owner to read eConversion. Finally, it is my hope that you find the connections between traditional marketing methods and online ones as fascinating as we do. We are always intrigued to run across a new online tool that is based on a traditional marketing method, yet makes it less tedious to implement. Such tools often yield higher returns than the traditional methods they are based on, and allow you to track ROI with greater accuracy. Finally, James and I would value your feedback on our new column. Please feel free to send us an email or two to let us know what you think about eConversion and what you would like us to cover in future issues of Label & Narrow Web, or leave a comment below.