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Too Hot to Handle: Thermogenic Clothes Missing Key Info


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Too Hot to Handle: Thermogenic Clothes Missing Key Info

According to the Consumers' Foundation, a significant number of Asian-made garments are missing key information about thermogenic properties on their labels.

As many as 60 percent of garments that claim to be thermogenic — meaning that they generate heat — were lacking proper disclosure about these properties or were ambiguous. Some also featured unsubstantiated claims, such as raising body temperature by as much as 3 degrees.

"A product must have heat-generating properties for the term 'thermogenic' to be accurate," foundation chairperson Joann Su told the Taipei Times. "Acrylate fiber has some heat-generating features, but consumers can't tell if [a product is] really made of such material."

Products analyzed by the organization include 10 thermogenic garments from 10 popular retailers and internet merchants. Both usage instructions and labels were analyzed by the company.

It's crucial that product manufacturers include all the necessary safety information on labels, or else they may be liable for injuries stemming from improper use.