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Tobacco Companies Fume Over New Aussie Cigarette Law


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Tobacco Companies Fume Over New Aussie Cigarette Law

Cigarette companies recently celebrated a big win in the U.S. as a federal judge postponed a graphic labeling initiative proposed by the Food & Drug Administration.

However, new cigarette laws were also passed in Australia that will have tobacco brands upset, Reuters reports. According to the new legislation, which will go into effect in December 2012, cigarette cartons can't have any branding and can only be sold in plain olive packets. They will also show gruesome images of the potential dangers of smoking, similar to the ones proposed by the FDA.

"Big tobacco has been fuming since day one that this is a law that they don't want introduced. They want to keep selling their deadly products and we want to reduce their market. So we are destined to disagree," Health Minister Nicola Roxon told the news source.

Tobacco companies are wary of these laws being passed, as it may inspire similar action in other countries, such as Canada, New Zealand and the U.K.