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Tips on Reviewing Nutraceutical Custom Label Claims


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Tips on Reviewing Nutraceutical Custom Label Claims

New Year Brings Improved Habits and More Attention to Nutraceutical Labels

[caption id="attachment_4790" align="alignleft" width="250"]custom labels As shoppers peruse food, beverage and supplement options online and along store aisles, their focus is zoning in on products' nutraceutical labels.[/caption]

Lightning Labels, a custom label and sticker printing leader, announces that the new year started strong with millions of consumers across the nation setting healthy goals for themselves. Diet, weight loss and exercise are, yet again, hot New Year's resolutions. Now that the holiday season is in the past, people are ditching festive food in favor of products that relate to their wellness ambitions.

As shoppers peruse food, beverage and supplement options online and along store aisles, their focus is zoning in on products' nutraceutical labels. They want items related to weight loss, healthy eating, a healthy diet, burning fat and boosting energy.

"Consumers are kicking off 2013 on a healthy note, and the nutraceuticals market has a very strong outlook this year," says Lightning Labels' Business Development Manager AnneMarie Campbell. "Supplement sales are up, consumer confidence is high and Americans want to get healthy and are looking at nutraceutical labels for guidance. Manufacturers have the potential to reach more consumers than ever with high-quality custom labels. After companies spend so much time and so many resources to perfect a product, Lightning Labels can give it the packaging it deserves at an affordable price."

Tips On Reviewing Information on Nutraceutical Labels To help manufacturers reach health-conscious consumers, Lightning Labels has four tips on reviewing claims on nutraceutical custom labels to ensure shoppers are getting the healthy products they need.

1. Give The People What They Want - When consumers pick up a product, they want to know its nutritional value and what it's made of.  If they want information related to their weight-loss goals, they are looking for buzzwords like "diet," "healthy," "zero," "fiber" and "protein." Meanwhile, with more consumers developing a taste for the health food market, words like "natural," "organic," "no preservatives," and a natural ingredients list are commonly sought out label components. Using labels printed by Lightning Labels, companies can customize their nutraceutical content to reach their target audience effectively.

2. Make The Search Easy - Some nutraceutical labels are so small and poorly printed that information is difficult to read. After a few minutes of grappling to read the caloric content and ingredients on one of these labels, the shopper will eventually give up and put the product back on the shelf. Making print legible, even at a seemingly tiny size, will keep consumers interested. In addition, manufacturers can bold ingredients that are commonly associated with a healthy diet, boosting metabolic activity and weight loss, like green tea extract, flax seeds, and natural oils.

3. Jazz Up Product Warning Labels And Directions - To ensure nutraceutical custom labels abide by all government regulations and accurately convey important information to consumers, Lightning Labels' high-resolution digital label printing lets manufacturers create custom stickers and labels in a very small type size that is still legible. This eliminates worries about confusing consumers and running out of print space. In addition, companies can customize their labels by adding images or illustrations to better describe product use.

4. Get Creative - Consider giving product packaging a makeover by sprucing up it's labeling. Lightning Labels can help companies more effectively market their offerings by embellishing items with custom stickers and labels. Manufacturers should choose packaging that reflects their products and how they relate to consumer health goals. For example, for items that are supposed to boost energy, consider a lively design with bright colors. For products that aid in digestion, calming hues of blue and purple may be the right idea.

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