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Timberland Shows Commitment to Saving the Land


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Timberland Shows Commitment to Saving the Land

Consumers have become accustomed to using nutrition labels to guide their food purchasing decisions.

Because of that familiarity, Timberland chose to convey its environmental impact using a similar label. The initiative began back in 2007 and has become a notable feature of the company's apparel. A variety of statistics, such as the chemicals used to create a product or the number of trees planted, are conveyed through the labels.

Speaking with Triple Pundit, Timberland's vice president of social responsibility, Mark Newton, explains that the motive behind the labels isn't to gain bragging rights but to show that the clothing brand cares about its impact on the environment.

"We're not trying to put this stuff on there to show off green attributes. There is more than just green involved," Newton asserted. "We use it to draw attention to the fact that we care about these things and bring the customer into the conversation."

A variety of brands and companies are taking similar approaches. Even carpets, for example, are now touting the use of green materials and manufacturing processes.