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Ticked Off: EPA Rallies for Clearer Parasite Treatment Labels


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Ticked Off: EPA Rallies for Clearer Parasite Treatment Labels

Spot-on flea and tick preventatives for pets frequently feature unclear labels, and now changes are in the works due to pressure from a government agency.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is urging parasite treatment manufactures to stress how dangerous improper use of their products can be, VIN News Service reports. Topical treatments intended for dogs, for example, can be fatal if used on cats. The EPA has been investigating adverse effects of misuse, which can range from skin irritations to seizures and even death.

"The agency is beginning to see applications for amendments to product labels in response to the EPA letter," spokesman Dale Kemery told VIN News Service. "Over the next few months, EPA will be reviewing these amendments … to ensure that the necessary changes are adequately addressed."

In its recommendation, the EPA urged treatment makers to use specific language and larger fonts warning of the dangers of misuse.   

A separate report from the EPA found that more than 38,000 cases of adverse effects were reported in 2009, highlighting the severity of the problem.