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Three Label and Packaging Makeovers


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Three Label and Packaging Makeovers


This new year has already brought about some label and packaging changes for some major consumer brands. Tropicana orange juice has completely changed its look as you can see above. The old look is on the left, the new carton designs are on the right. Personally, I think they have blown this one. The cartons on the right looks like generic store brand orange juice and you have to look hard to find the brand name, Tropicana. Here are some comments from the branding and package design world where the redesign has been widely criticized.


Pepsi, who happen to own the Tropicana brand, have had a major redesign of their soft drink packaging and logo. Above is the Diet Pepsi bottle from last year (left) and the new one released last month. Again here is what the design and branding world have to say. Even though this redesign has also been panned by most people, I don't think it is too bad. The switch to lower case type works well in my opinion and the new logo is growing on me.


The last product has probably the most innocuous change but in some ways is the most controversial. For 115 years Heinz ketchup has carried a picture of a pickle on their product label. Even though there are no pickles in their ketchup the pickle has stayed on the product label ever since a successful promotion by H.J. Heinz at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. This change is a big deal for Heinz, who have left their label design virtually unchanged for 65 years. I think this is a good change. The tomato on the label is shown growing on a vine and the words "grown not made" has been added to emphasize the natural source of ketchup. Some people are not happy, though. There is a Facebook group setup to "Save the Heinz pickle" that has almost 3,000 members. Clearly some people are very passionate about their product labels.

If you are considering a product label makeover it is important to tread carefully. It is very easy to alienate customers and make your products more difficult to find on the supermarket shelf. This is why I like the Heinz approach best. They have done an incremental change to their label and you still know it is Heinz just by glancing at it. Keep in mind that you can always test different designs, our minimum custom label order is just 100 labels, so you can get some feedback from your customers before committing to completely changing your look.


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