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Before You Gas Up: Canadian Group Advocates Labels on Pumps


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Think Before You Gas Up: Canadian Group Advocates Custom Warning Labels on Pumps

Fossil Fuels' Link To Climate Change Behind Calls For Custom Warning Labels

Custom warning labels are a feature on many products used throughout day-to-day life. However, Canadian consumers may receive a shock the next time they fill up on fuel - and this time it's not in relation to the price of gas.

The Centre for Social Innovation recently called for warning labels to be affixed to gas pump nozzles in an effort to raise awareness among consumers about the environmental dangers presented by using such fuels.

"The future of the planet is literally in the palm of your hand (when you pick up the nozzle)," Robert Shirkey, lawyer and founder of Our Horizon, said according to The Canadian Press. "Imagine if we see these labels every time, how long will it be before we demand more from government institutions."

Custom Warning Stickers Would Feature Endangered Wildlife Our Horizon, the organization behind the call for custom warning stickers, said the labels would alert consumers to the link between fuel consumption and environmental damage.

The pictures depicted on the labels would show at-risk arctic caribou, hungry families in Africa and an unhappy-looking child.